ZF41/1 工場用部品コンテナ
ZF41/1 Factory Container

Special thanks to Mr.Miyazaki of Chicago Regimentals for his contribution.

  A lot of ZF41/1 scope tube together with a factory container for the tube, which origin seems to be kov factory in France. It came together with many other ZF41/1 parts but unfortunately some parts are missing to assemble a complete scope.

  The factory container is made with an opening to hold 125 scope tubes vertically. It has no markings other than a number '57' shown in the first picture.

  The scope tube has no markings except a large circle which is similar to that on kov made ZF41/1 scopes. And that made my supposition that they originate from left over parts from kov factory.
  The objective lens drums are already set in the tube, but the lenses are not in its place yet.

German Telescopic Rifle Sights of WWII