Picture 3

  A press-photo by Propaganda-Kompanie (PK). Actual paper size is 18cm x 24cm.

「2119/仮装大会? いいや、狙撃兵が訓練中!

  A sheet on the back says,
"2119/Masquerade? No, Snipers are trained!
The best Private of each Company are gathered to Regiment HQ for Sharpshooter training course. It is not only a school for shooting technics, which every soldiers are able to, but more a training for camouflage, detecting hidden targets and Master of the fields. It is the school for the Sole-Fighter, who is always ready for conjuncture.
 Training in the fields with telescopic sights."
 One thing certain from this picture is that at Jun. 1944, ZF41 were still used to train snipers.

 PK. : Propaganda-Kompanie (宣伝中隊)
 Aufn : Aufnahme (写真撮影 Photography)
 Kriegsber. : Kriegsberichter (報道記者 War-Correspondent)
 Haehle : (報道記者名 Name of Correspondent)
 Atl. : Atlantic Pressebilderdienst und Verlagsges m.b.H
     (記者所属社名 Name of Company)
 9.6.1944 : 1944年6月9日 9th Jun. 1944
 Schu.E.M. : ?? (情報募集中! Info needed!)


 The K98k is a mid-war type from the upper band, which is milled but left closed. Note the Y-shaped twig used to support the gun and the method of employing the rifle sling.

 照準鏡をさらにクローズアップ。これは、ZF41 Type2 または ZF41/1 と思われる。フロントレインシールドは、外されているように見える。

 Close-up on the scope. This scope seems to be ZF41 Type2 or ZF41/1. And the front rainshield appears to be taken off.

German Telescopic Rifle Sights of WWII