Picture 16  der Wildschuetze

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 From the winter outfit and the K98k-Zf41, the picture is assumed to be from the winter of 1942 to 1943. There is no information on the back concerning the date or the location, only with a writing pictured below.

"Kennt Ihr den Wildschuetze?"
 この言葉は、19世紀の作曲家アルベルト・ロルツィングによるコミック・オペラ「密猟者 Der Wildshuetz」に由来する。ドイツのある地方では、無精で薄汚れた格好をした人物をからかって、オペラを引用して上記のセリフを言うとのこと。
"Do you know the Porcher?"
  This phrase refers to a German comic opera "Der Wildschuetz" by Albert Lortzing from the 19th Century. At some places in Germany, people point at a guy who is bearded and looked dirty, and say the phrase refering to the opera in good humor.
  I hope the pictured person came back to his hometown after the war, and reminding of his hardship during the war, wrote himself the phrase with self-ridicule together with relief.


  The K98k-ZF41 in the hands of the pocher seems to be brandnew, with laminated stock and flat buttplate. And the scope is ZF41 Type 1 (early type).

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