Picture 38

Special thanks to Mr.STEINER and Mr.Edelmann for their opinions on this photo.


  An interesting photo showing the troops, perhaps members of a Police Unit, preparing for building up a strongpoint. Note the unit is a mixture of Waffen-SS type camo (Soldier D and F) and Army splinter pattern camo (Soldier C and E). Some have spurs on their boots (Soldier B and F), and Soldier A is wearing a strange tunic without a center vent, with unusual button-typed belt supporters.


  Soldier F with Karabiner98k-Zf41 also bears a small handgun in his holster, and seems to be a commander of this troops, although his rank is unknown.


  The unusual tunic of Soldier A resembles the one pictured in Waffen-Revue, and this leads to the thought this troop belongs to a Police related unit.


  The data on the date and the location of the photo is lost, but from the equipments the date seems to be in the latter half of 1943. And the ZF41 seems to be Type 1 (early type).

German Telescopic Rifle Sights of WWII