Z.F.40 Markings

 The "Z.F.40" scopes were originally intended to use with G.41 selfloading rifles but it is clear that not so many of them were sent to the fields together with the rifles. However, information on these scopes, its actual production and employment remain obscure. One clue is to observe the existing scopes and examine the result.
 From the observation, there exist two types of "Z.F.40".
 The first type is "Z.F.40*", which was only made by manufacturer cxn and is thought to be made earlier. The lens system of ZF40* is identical with that of ZF41 Type2 and the only difference between them is the markings.
 The another is "Z.F.40". This type was made by several manufacturers, cag, dow, dym, eso and also cxn. Except the markings, they are identical with ZF41/1.
 Almost every ZF40* and ZF40 were re-designated into ZF41 or ZF41/1. Note the way of altering designation is different by each manufacturers.

What we usually can not see.
Designation marking "Z.F.40*" on the scope in rare original condition.
What we usually see.
"40*" was ground off and the new designation "41" was applied.
The markings on former cxn ZF40.
Same way as ZF40*, "40" was ground off and the new designation "41/1" was applied beside.
(Paul P. Poellinger collection and photo)
The markings on former dow ZF40.
Lined out "40" and applied "41/1".
Presumable cag ZF40. Every cag is found like this, with "41/1" applied over cut out of the "40".
A new finding! dym also made ZF40, showing another way to alter 40 into 41/1.
(pieand collection and photo)

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